One of the most common questions that our support team receives with Hosted Exchange is “How can my client choose which email address I want to send as?” and many partners are shocked to hear the answer “You can’t”.

The above limitation has always existed in Exchange as you can only have one “outgoing” address. Sure, you can create another profile in Outlook and send via SMTP or create a distribution group and add send-as rights..but what do you do if you’re on hosted exchange and you don’t have the freedom to control addresses and configurations at will or find it rather rudimentary?

*Drum roll*

Now you can…

For the first time (as far as I can tell for any hosting provider) partners/clients will have the ability to control their outgoing address in our Hosted Exchange.

Utilizing our API and a brand new API designed by the ExchangeDefender team for direct client Exchange interaction we now can extend the ability for clients to control their outgoing address on the fly.

The current beta product is a windows based application and will soon be converted to an Outlook 2010 plugin.

If you or your clients are interested in test driving this software please reach out to me directly:

Note:  This only applies to rockerduck.

Travis Sheldon
VP, Network Operations, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x757