stack_of_books.pngWe’ve been calling partners a lot recently to get a pulse directly from our client base on what things we can do to improve our service and one that came up, that’s pretty easy to address, is our documentation is hard to find and navigate.

We’ll go in order of relevance.

ExchangeDefender University – ExchangeDefender University is a very basic how to guide that includes some documentation links. This link is meant for a new partner that wants to know how to order or our services and deploy them.

ExchangeDefender Documentation – The documentation resources is a set of instructions is a bit more advanced as it goes beyond the standard deployments. However, these guides are scoped down to specific features so they’re more detailed and they’re more geared towards the guy that likes to print a doc and go do it to 20 machines, phones, etc.

Support Knowledge Base – The Knowledge Base articles are for advanced users mainly. The details are provided for various custom deployments, repeat issues, advanced configurations. Now in the past while holding a lot of information, this option hasn’t been as appealing because it was not searchable. We recently made the Knowledge Base searchable which should improve its usefulness. The search is the same search box on the top right, it will now yield matching KB articles within the search results.

This link does require authentication, please use your partner portal credentials.

I hope you found this information useful!

Carlos Lascano
VP Support Services, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x737