Shockey Monkey will be receiving a massive refresh in both features and the business model in early December. Throughout 2011 we have been adding new features, new integrations and have entered several partnerships that just begin to showcase what is possible with Shockey Monkey. With that, we are about to revise the pricing, positioning, marketing and access to Shockey Monkey and want our partners to be aware of the changes that are coming.

Shockey Monkey Media & Partner Briefing

Tuesday, November 22nd. Noon EST.

Contact us for an invitation to the webinar.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information we will be sharing, this event is open by invitation only to vendors in the MSP space and media sites/blogs that cover them. We will be discussing:

– New pricing models
– New support procedures
– Sponsorship options
– Breakdown of user metrics
– Integration overview
– Usage patterns and value

If you’re interested in attending let us know, we are on pace to launch 2.0 in the first week of December. At that time we will be holding a user-facing webinar to announce all the cool new stuff that we hope is a real game changer for our users as well as for our partners.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp
(877) 546-0316       x500
(407) 536-VLAD