I have to admit, I’m very excited about the Q4 webinar on Thursday. It looks like this will be our best attended webcast of the year and I’ve got a ton of stuff to present, explain, position and help you make money with. The profit structure of the MSP space has been changing rapidly so come see how OWN partners stay ahead of the curve and beat out the likes of Microsoft and Google when it comes to closing.

Seating is limited but if you register you will be able to watch the webinar recording at your convenience.

ExchangeDefender Q4 Webinar

Thursday, October 27, at Noon EST


Here is a brief summary of what we’ll cover:
– Brand new web site with all of our products and services on one site
– Realtime Network Operations Center that keeps you in the loop
– Launch of our new ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive email solution
– Geographic redundancy for all ExchangeDefender services
– Launch of LiveArchive 3 in Dallas and Los Angeles
– Enhanced integrations with Kaseya, LPI, nAble, GFI Max, Quotewerks, etc

Other Items

We’re starting to open up our 2012 roadmap and we’re really looking for feedback. ExchangeDefender Gold program is underway and some of you have started receiving calls from my management – help them help you. If you’d like to talk to me directly and don’t want to hit my cell phone, I will be at the HTG / Preday / ConnectWise event and have an open schedule, claim a spot:

ConnectWise IT Nation + HTG Appointment Request

Beyond that, we’ve really kicked up the blogging on here to the next level. There is new content on nearly daily basis and we’re getting amazing feedback from our partners so we’re going to keep at it. This is typically more detailed stuff than you’ll ever get from me but that’s the point, if you want to stay in touch and be in the know now you can. Here are some of the posts from the last week:

How to position and sell Exchange messaging

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Introducing Geographic Redundancy to ExchangeDefender Services

The Persuasive Power of Discounts and Trials

Shockey Monkey & Keeping It Clean

The Persuasive Power of Discounts and Trials

Upselling Downtime–How to Properly Position Business Continuity

My staff spends far more time, collectively, with you than I ever can and they are experts at their pieces. What you read here is not just their opinion, these are the best practices we pick up in the field working with you day-to-day. Best of all, you can read it anywhere, anytime – no need to wait for a conference, no need to sit through a long webinar and you can easily forward it to the appropriate people in your company. We hear success stories about how these articles have already made a difference in our partners sales staff and marketing, not to mention given folks that interact with the services on a technical level a much better understanding of how these products behave on the very basic level.

Talk to you tomorrow, I look forward to it!

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, ExchangeDefender
(407) 536-VLAD