As we mentioned previously in the ExchangeDefender 7 Bugfix update, the move to ExchangeDefender 7 has gone remarkably well. This is in no small part a tribute to our partners who have helped us beta test the solution. So thank you for making ExchangeDefender 7 a success for everyone.

Over the next two months we will be holding series of webinars to cover the new solutions that are part of ExchangeDefender 7. Past year has seen ExchangeDefender grow in both features as well as pricing points so we want to help explain how ExchangeDefender can help boost profits when it’s positioned, sold and implemented the right way.

This is where you can help us out. Email with questions or suggestions for content that would help you and your staff get more out of ExchangeDefender. We are currently planning webinars covering all aspects of the product sales, positioning, marketing and ongoing support. This is your opportunity to have us design educational material around the topics you have problems with.


ExchangeDefender will be at the Microsoft WPC 2011 in Los Angeles and CompTIA Breakaway in Washington DC. We look forward to meeting you in person.

Our new site, projecting the ExchangeDefender brand, will be launching later this month.

We are moving our headquarters to a brand new space in a beautiful building in Downtown Orlando.

The redesigned archiving product will be made available this month as well, we look forward to sharing it with you.

All in all, our July will be insane!

Documentation, Webinars & More

We’ve received a few inquiries about the ExchangeDefender guides for ExchangeDefender 7. Here they are. You can download the PDF and forward it along but if you wish to customize it and use your own logo, download the PPT.

ExchangeDefender Domain Admin Guide (pdf)

ExchangeDefender Domain Admin Guide (ppt – brandable)

ExchangeDefender Service Provider Guide (pdf)

ExchangeDefender Service Provider Guide (ppt – brandable)

ExchangeDefender User Guides

Note: You probably do not want to distribute the Service Provider Guide but we’ve made it available just in case.

Training videos will be available today as well at