Allow me to welcome many of you to Orlando for an exciting week of IT conferences.

Tuesday and Wednesday we will be at the HTG All Summit for some lunch and learns, seat at the table and the vendor expo in the evening.

Thursday we’re sponsoring the CharTec UnHerd Conference where we will be all day to give you info about ExchangeDefender, Cloud Service Separation and more.

Finally, on Friday and Saturday we will be at the ConnectWise IT Nation, working the vendor expo and anytime before and after you wish.

We’re spending the whole week there, get in touch with us if you want to chat privately: Stephanie Hasenour (Email | Blog) and Anthony Fernandez (Email | Blog). Vlad Mazek, our CEO, will also be around.

We look forward to talking to many of you and we have something special to share with our partner base. If you actively work with us, we have some prizes and incentives for working even closer with us. Last week Vlad Mazek announced several changes coming to Own Web Now that would give our partners more power and work closer for a win-win. Specifically:

  1. We would like to know which of our upcoming ExchangeDefender features are more relevant to you so we can focus more development efforts towards them and ship sooner than later.
  2. We want to get a general sense of how we are doing, both for marketing purposes and for training purposes (with as big of a product as ExchangeDefender it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks and documentation not to be read)
  3. We want to know what we could do to be more instrumental in your success in the cloud. We have partners that are making thousands of dollars in the cloud with relatively few resources and other partners struggling. We’d like to share the wealth 🙂

If you would like to help us, please come and see us and let’s figure out a more profitable cloud for all of us.