By now nearly everyone has received an email invitation to attend our Holiday Special webcast to close out 2010 and hopefully make December the busiest month you’ve ever had. We wanted to showcase what we’ve been working for the past two months and give you some tips and tricks to grow your business – proven by our most successful partners.

I’ll apologize for the cheesy newsletter but that’s marketing. Now on to business – following the launch of Shockey Monkey I tasked my team at Own Web Now to reorganize the company. We have done this several times in the history of our business and it’s always dictated by the opportunity and our ability to push our partners in the right (read: profitable) direction.

The problem with any good idea is that the catch usually involves doing a ton of training, reading, videos and hard work. Lots of trial and error – across technical, sales, support and marketing fronts. We have worked hard over the past few months to produce documentation, webcasts, seminars even books on the matter so that you can easily plan your cloud approach, know exactly how long it’s going to take and what it’s going to be. Today, things are a mess – between predictability of service levels, documentation that is clearly understood from level 100 to 300, ability to get a very complex situation evaluated in order to provide a simple answer – simply put, we cannot thrive on complexity in order to grow.

Mark my words: What we have developed is bigger than last years announcement of Autotask and ConnectWise integrations. The incredible amount of work we did to make our platform work with the way you run your business is just the beginning. The question now is – how do you grow what you already have, how do you market and differentiate yourself, how do you reposition yourself and find a real partner in helping build your business?

Recently I asked the readers of my personal blog to tell me how they would go about building an MSP if they got a do-over. Starting an IT business is easier than ever and for the most part it’s a process of assembling solutions from vendors who have agreed to play nice with each other. If it’s so simple, you will be facing a much tougher and much cheaper competition – soon. Combined with efforts made by major software companies trying to wedge and dislodge IT solution providers, now is the time to get serious.

December’s webcast will include our business model for the coming years and an announcement of resources you can take right now. We look forward to building this new business with you.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp