Every year since the incorporation of Own Web Now we’ve strived to enhance the level of support and service available to our partners. Back in the day when I was the only one interacting with clients, the service was great but the flexibility and variety was not – now that there are a ton of OWN people working with partners we have a lot of resources and a lot of support options but awareness and connection take a hit. The evolution of IT, to the cloud, and the evolution of the partner IT solution providers is causing us to again revise how we offer support, how we communicate and how we train our partner base to be effective, competitive and comprehensive in the amount of service and solution you offer.

For us, service has been the cornerstone of the organization and I want to assure you that we are using all of our experience and expertise from working from truly the most successful people in the business to deliver the level of service that is required to be successful.

Throughout May and June we will be introducing some support changes and new partner programs to help you with our expanding service and solution portfolio. More forums. More integrations into third party solutions. More free training. More assistance. More marketing support and business development ideas.

All I ask is for your attention. Starting with May 2010, we will be removing “vanity” emails and inactive partner accounts from the portal. If we work with you we need to know your name and your phone number (so no more “IT Support”, support@ and –0000 phone numbers).

In turn, we will make the experience more personal and make sure you are armed with the resources before you even set any of the services up.

We are making a business investment to make you more successful at doing what you’re already doing. We’re spending the money you’re paying us to improve the level of service you get. It’s as simple and beautiful as it gets.

As always, thank you for your business!


Vlad Mazek, MCSE

CEO, Own Web Now Corp