Welcome to 2009! We’re half-way through the first month of the year, and things are going great. Thank you for a fantastic 2008, for your feedback, for your development support and, most of all, for your money. Own Web Now is a great company because its partners and clients invest in us by helping us deliver the exact software and services that are expected. I will not lie… 2008 was tough. We straightened out billing. We globalized half a dozen services. We added staff across the board and positioned the company to be by your side for years.

Now it’s payback time. My biggest regret in 2008 was that I did not spend enough time talking to you- my fellow partners and clients.

Today we are changing all that with the launch of Own Web Now’s SPAM Show. This podcast is meant to do two things:

1) Bring you up to speed with developments at Own Web Now

2) Provide you with the expert opinion on today’s top tech trends

Whether you own your own technology business or are responsible for a network of 64,000 users, time is scarce. Staying on top of all the technology developments and getting various opinions and experiences is a very difficult and time consuming task. Thankfully, I work with many intelligent people at Own Web Now and have a lot of friends in the IT field that talk to a lot of techies, and we will do our best to present a concise review of what you should be thinking about. (This used to be the most popular and most demanded quality of the SBS Show – people love to learn but they also like to be entertained and to save time.)

So to find out what is on my mind and what my friends are working on… just tune in and listen. The first show is online already:

 Download OWN’s SPAM Show #1

Featuring Mark Crall from Tech Care Team and Stuart Selbst from SecureMyCompany, Inc. They discuss trends in cloud services, Kaseya, Google Reseller program and more.

Mark and Stuart are my go-to folks in the community and true leaders in our market. To find out more about them you can follow their blogs: Mark Crall’s blog. Stuart Selbst’s blog.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp