Yesterday we announced a new SMB security solution priced at a point that any SMB user can afford it – $20/month. Our solution is powered by AuthAnvil from Scorpion Software and it’s CEO Dana Epp joined us today to talk about it.

Over the course of this nearly 50 minute podcast you will hear many security concerns, sales and business conversations, learn how to position and intelligently discuss the aspect of two factor authentication with an SMB customer. Dana and Vlad talk further about the offering becoming a point of differentiation and trust for managed service providers (MSP) that want to assure their prospects they can trust them with their systems.

We are extremely excited to offer this solution at just $20/user/month because it breaks the pricing barrier that kept this type of an offering from becoming mainstream in SMB. With more mobility, more cloud services, more people involved in IT systems management, two factor authentication is something to discuss with your prospects, clients, staff and bosses. Tune in and listen to us address many security pain points and how we believe this announcement solves them.

Click here to download the podcast, runtime 50 minutes.