The long awaited upgrades to our client software are finally out and available for download below. These updates address the issues found in the original releases that prevented the systems from rebooting in certain circumstances. This is a bugfix release only, if you’re not having problems there is no need to download them.

First up, ExchangeDefender SPAM Monitor that alerts you of SPAM waiting for you on the server:

DownloadIconTrans_thumb_3ExchangeDefender SPAM Monitor



Second, the Shockey Monkey Server Agent software designed for Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 2008) used to collect server inventory, logs, WMI data and intelligently feed it to Shockey Monkey for managed services and asset management:

DownloadIconTrans_thumb_3 Shockey Server Agent



Two builds are provided as .exe and .msi, you only need one. The .msi build is special because it can be used to roll out the software automatically using third party management tools.