For the past eight months we have been testing our new support portal at and have had a lot of success in making sure support issues do not “fall off the table” as they tend to via email. Going forward, this will be the only way we will provide support, purchasing, cancellations and other account management.

Any mail sent to our previous support aliases will yield this automatic response:

This is an automated message

The address you sent an email to is not a monitored email address, your reply was destroyed.

Own Web Now Corp only provides support via our support portal at:

If you have a support request or would like to update a support request please login to our support portal and create/update the support request directly. Doing so allows us to provide you with an SLA, guaranteed support request tracking, escalation and more.

Own Web Now Corp Support Team

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There are several reasons we chose to eliminate the email support completely:

  • We have no tracking of when/if a support request was emailed
  • If the message is delayed because the support request was required to address a mail server issue we would get it far too late
  • Clients would forget to provide updates
  • Clients would keep the message thread going for support requests that were solved and were looking to address other issues
  • E-mail is an insecure way of conducting e-commerce
  • “Did you get my email?” <that they probably never sent>

There are far more reasons to drop email support but at the end of the day we needed a structured and fixed process of requesting support. At the moment there is only one way to get support, and we stand behind it with our SLA.

Thank you for doing business with us and I hope this change makes your support experience more enjoyable.