Earlier today we completed an upgrade of our Offsite Backup software to AhSay which provides new functionality, flexibility and further breakfix upgrades. This feature has been in beta testing internally for the past three weeks and has shown a lot of promise towards overcoming limitations the previous edition had. The update has been completed for our entire network, affecting all frontend, backend and replication servers.

Furthermore, this edition allows us to provide a more managed service surrounding the offsite backup suite because we have more control over the system and can proactively address issues like quota upgrades, failed backup causes and troubleshooting, etc.

These are the latest, generic clients but are not required, previous agents will work just fine.

Update: 6:25 EST; We have been working with AhSay on some performance tuning fixes for about two hours now. We have decided to shut down a part of the frontend network to optimize the network efficiency. Some of you have also complained about the display of AhSay logos on the frontpage as well as the other identifying marks that we are currently trying to remove. We expect this maintenance to take until roughly noon EST and affect all our customers.