As blogged here previously, our offiste backup maintenance is complete. Not only do we have the storage to sustain the growth for the forseeable future but things are running near flawlessly.

If you are still experiencing issues please open up a trouble ticket and we will help you get to the bottom of it. One problem some customers have reported is that backups do not seem to work automatically, namely, you receive an email saying “Reminder: Scheduled backup missed > Username > Backup set name”

If you receive this error please try following these steps (click) as they are the first thing we will try to do once the ticket is opened.

If you receive any other error, please open up a trouble ticket in our support portal.

We have seen a remarkable improvement in performance for backups and restores since the maintenance interval, and will shortly be announcing some additional services related to the offline backup service, mostly around the management, support and DR crisis management.