ExchangeDefender SplitMX Guide

SplitMX Delivery

ExchangeDefender SplitMX Delivery was designed to facilitate ExchangeDefender client migration from on-premise mail server to a Hosted Exchange server powered by ExchangeDefender. SplitMX makes it possible to replicate all inbound and outbound mail to your domain to both servers: on-premise server you currently use and the Exchange server at ExchangeDefender.


  • SplitMX functions as an email proxy, duplicating messages and sending one copy to the existing infrastructure and another the new hosted Exchange 2013 mailbox.
  • It's cloud based so it doesn't require any software installation. Because it delivers mail seamlessly to multiple destinations migration is less stressful and time sensitive.
  • Built into ExchangeDefender, quick to deploy and manage!


Step 1: Order and configure your ExchangeDefender Exchange 2013 mailboxes at

Step 2: Login as domain administrator to, click on Configuration and enable SplitMX. You will need the IP address of your existing mail server and the ExchangeDefender Deployment Guide.

Step 3: Start migrating your email to ExchangeDefender Exchange 2013 infrastructure. During your migration, inbound and outbound mail for your domain will be delivered to both your on-premise server and our Hosted Exchange server.

Step 4: After you have finished your migration, login as domain administrator to, click on Configuration and disable SplitMX.


Remember, when all else fails, contact support. We look forward to helping you!